Things to know about heating Jacket before buying

Whether you spend most of your time out in the cold or you are into outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, fishing in the cold atmosphere; a heated jacket will become your best friend. This will take your comfort to the next level and provide you more warmth as compared to standard jackets.

Heated jackets are powered by batteries. They produce the heat from installed heating pads. The jackets have coats that generate the heat in two ways- Electrically or chemically. However, they work differently, but both have pockets in the inner side of the jacket, which is used to place the heating agent.

The chemical heating jacket is designed with single-use cloth pouches. These pouches consist of a particular combination of elements that reach with each other. With this reaction, heat gets released. There is no need to replace pouches that you have used earlier.

On the other hand, electrical jackets are more accessible and convenient. These coats usually have lithium or Nickel-cadmium battery that is attached to heating element called as carbon fibre wires or steel plates. The heating agent propagates the heat from the power source to the rest part of the jacket.

Guidelines to wash your heated jacket

  • Always remember to look at the tags of the garment. You will get specific needs like washing temperature, ways to dry and what cycle to wash the jacket.
  • With steel plates (heating element), you cannot wash your jacket in the washing machine. It would help if you washed with hands and at low temperatures.
  • Heat zones should not be getting too wet. It’s best to have spot cleaning with a damp rag.
  • Carbon fibre and battery-powered jackets are machines washable. Make sure to apply a gentle cycle at a low temperature.
  • For more instructions, you must study the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label.

It’s time for summer off for your heating jacket, and you need to take care while it waits for next winter. Therefore follow these tips to maintain the look and extend the life of your jacket. Your heated jacket will be in the best condition to keep you comfy as well as warm for years ahead.

  • Do not forget to continue to charge your battery pack during the summer. Batteries must be charged before storage and after three months even when they are not in use.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are inclined to lose their capacity because of their chemical nature. Inconsistent charging and heat accelerate this degradation.
  • Store in a cool and dry region. Generally, battery lifespan may vary from 2-5 years still with perfect storage conditions and care.
  • When you put away your jacket, keep in mind, carbon wires can be bent but steel plates cannot. Therefore you must not twist the coats to prevent damage to cables.
Heating jacket is a brilliant invention, and they can offer too much comfort to individuals who struggle with the cold. This advanced clothing takes warmness to the new level with the combination of innovative technology with fashion. So if you have your next holiday trip in harsh cold conditions, Heated Jacket can change your life.

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