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Double-Layer Cat Litter

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Store Description:
This litter mat is designed for a one entry cat litter box. Effectively covering the entry area, and the arch edge cutout slides under many litter boxes on the market. 
Double-Layer Cat Litter

Paw Cleaning:
Unlike other cat litter mats, this one has unique 3D bumps that trap and clean litter from the cat's paws, preventing litter scatters outside of the mat. The 3D bumps also make for a soft step for kitties, so that they do not mind walking on it.

No More Vacuuming, Less Sweeping, and Easy Maintenance

One-step cleaning:
Cat litter is trapped inside of the mat and held there until you just pour it back into the litter box on cleaning day. The 2-layer structure of the mat creates a large pocket, with one opening to pour out the litter.


One end of the mat has an arched cut that allows the mat to slide under the majority of litter boxes on the market. From there the mat covers 24 x 22 inch in front of the litter box.

Reduce the time you spend vacuuming and sweeping by up to 5X. Our mat constantly collects scattered cat litter and the mat's soft bumps design prevents litter tracking.

When your cat exits the litter box, his or her paws are cleaned as the litter falls through honeycomb holes into the double layer mat. You can easily pour that unused litter back into the box by lifting the mat and emptying it through the side opening.

The mat also can be used as SCRATCHER, which offers fun and exercise for your cat while reducing potential furniture damage.

Premium waterproof bottom layer keeps wooden floors dry, it's also lightweight and is anti-slip, as well as collapsible for storage easily.

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